Day 3

Under the Bridge...Day 3 - I decided to go down a familiar path with a different point of view. I drive over this little bridge often and usually look in the other direction at the curve of the creek as it winds around the patches of water grass. I walked down a rocky path to the water edge and looked at around. The birds perched on the cat tails lining the banks were tempting and the contrast of light and dark made the bridge pilings look delectable. But the surface of the water ended up having the stronger call today.

I crouched down in the mud, letting my camera strap drag along, put the camera setting on sunset for a richer color and snapped a few shots with varying angles.  This was my favorite.

Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in. Henry David Thoreau ~~ When I turned in the other direction, I was struck by the reflection of trees on the water.  The clouds overhead made for beautiful contrast with the dark and light.  I just sharpened this one a bit with an unsharp mask and put a transparent gradient overlay on the water and toned it down to about 20%.

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